If you are a pensioner who owns their own home or rents privately and receive Pension Credit you can apply for a free oil boiler grant. If you don’t receive Pension Credit, you may still qualify for a boiler grant if you receive Working tax Credit and are over the of 60.

Replace your old oil boiler with the pensioner boiler grant replacement scheme

The grant scheme is designed to help elderly households reduce the amount of money they spend heating their home by replacing old heating systems with a new energy efficient oil fired or LPG boiler. Furthermore, the funding is also able to be used to replace old electric storage heaters. Finally, to qualify your existing boiler must be over fiver of age.

How to pensioners qualify for a free boiler grant?

As long as you meet the following criteria you can apply for a boiler grant:

  • You are a private tenant or own your own home
  • You have an oil or LPG boiler over 5 years old
  • You’re in receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit*
  • Are 60 years old or more and receive Working Tax Credit
  • Live in England, Scotland or Wales.
    *This can be in combination with or without Pension Savings Credit, however those who receive just Savings Credit alone may not qualify.

We understand that some pensioners may find the process of applying online difficult. You can ask a family member, friend or carer to apply on your behalf. If you prefer to apply over the phone, please call us on 01495 588282 and speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.


Pensioners – How to apply?

Please make sure you are able to have to hand the following available:Pensioner sat outside her park home

  • Pension Credit or Working Tax Credit paperwork. If you do not have a copy we can complete what is called a data match with the Department for Work and Pensions.
  • Boiler make and model
  • Landlord contact details if you are a private tenant.
    We will need this information to be able to proceed with your boiler grant application.

To apply complete the online form or call our team on 01492 588282.

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