What are Oil Boiler Grants?

Free, or largely funded replacement boilers are available to Welsh homes via the Energy Company Obligations, a Government Scheme which has been set up to help low-income households across the principality access energy efficiency improvements to cut the cost of heating their home and to improve their energy rating of the house through the installation of A-rated oil boilers.  For Welsh households to be able to benefit from a free oil boiler someone in the house need to meet the benefits related criteria, in addition your existing oil boiler is more than 5 years of age.

One of the main benefits of the Government’ free boiler scheme is that the oil boiler grant does not require paying back if you meet the eligibility criteria. The free grant scheme is available to Welsh home owners and private tenants as long as your landlord consent is provided

The grants first became available following the ECO scheme being passed by in parliament in 2012 and are currently available until 30 September 2018. They are primarily funded by the largest UK utility companies such as British Gas, NPower and EON.

Fuel Poverty in Wales

It is estimated that circa 26% or 332,000 households in Wales experience fuel poverty. The Welsh Government define a household to be in fuel poverty if, in order to maintain a satisfactory heating regime, it would be required to spend more than 10% of its income (including housing benefit or income support on all household fuel use. If a household should spend more than 20% of its income on household fuel use this would be classed as severe fuel poverty

Dealing with fuel poverty in Wales

Improving the energy efficiency of a property can make a big difference to a householder energy bills and helps the householder become more resilient to future energy price rises. For Welsh homes using the ECO grant it is a great way to have a new energy efficient oil boiler installed at zero or in some instance a small contribution maybe required.
Oil Boiler Grants are non-repayable, this means you do not have to pay any money back at any time. There are no complicated terms and conditions. If you qualify for a free boiler grant, you can have one installed along with new heating controls.

The right heating controls will let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat. According to the Energy Saving Trust by installing and correctly using a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves you could potentially save up to £155 off your energy bills per year.

The amount of funding towards your new central heating system you get is determined by the property type, number of bedrooms and the current fuel used to heat your home. For example, a two-bedroom mid terrace on using heating oil will receive a smaller grant than a four-bedroom detached bungalow using heated by heating oil. By conducting an onsite survey of your home a surveyor will be able to identify how much funding you are entitled to and confirm if a small contribution is required.

Who Qualifies For a Free Oil Boiler?

To be able to receive a free oil boiler grant you need to be in receipt of the correct combination of income-related benefits, including tax credits, income support, ESA or JSA, then you could have your old oil boiler replaced with a brand new A-rated boiler for little, to zero cost.

In addition to having the correct eligible benefits your existing boiler must be at least five years of age.

How to apply for your new oil boiler?

Applying is easy, simply complete the online form on our website and we will call you back to arrange a survey with one of our expert qualified surveyors. Alternatively call us on 01492 588282

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