There are many different methods of turning a property into a more eco-friendly and environmentally home after is has already been built. With plenty of different energy saving upgrades on the market, it is possible to adopt to green living philosophy after you move in, but what if you are building a house from scratch?

Implementing eco-friendly technologies doesn’t need to mean ugly, as a lot of people seem to believe. Here are 8 eco homes that prove that eco-friendly can also be beautiful:


This Canadian property, with its super angular features, has eco-friendly heat pumps which keeps the living space warm during the bitter winter. The large windows also keep things cooler during the summer when the temperature begins to rise.


These homes in Birmingham benefit from solar water heating with roof mounted panels. The scheme has achieved a ‘very good’ rating from Eco-Homes due to them not only being eco-friendly, but because they are also stylish. The combination of the wooden frontage, angled rooftops and balconies makes these homes look great, and also makes the eight properties within the development very desirable.


Villa Vals was built in 2009 and is a luxury villa which is carved into the unspoilt ‘Valsertal’ valley mountainside in Switzerland. The villa is furnished with the work of a number of respected Dutch designers and it’s integration into the surrounding landscape, combined with it’s eco-friendliness, make this a daring yet stunning eco home.

The underground house lets in light during the day, while powering its own lighting during the night.


This home is a part of a scheme in Cornwall where a number of two and three-bedroom homes lie on the coastline of the rugged Portreath landscape. These open plan builds use air-to-water pumps which powers the heating and air cooling. They are 44 per cent more energy efficient than Government guidelines.


Located in the East Sussex town of Heathfield, this home has an air-source heater, a rainwater harvester, triple-glazing and a motion sensitive lighting system. There is also underfloor heating and toilets which close themselves. Add to that the fact that there are five bedrooms and 11 acres of grounds, you have yourself a beautiful property.


We’re not sure where this property is, but we are assured that it has not only been built in a sustainable manner, but it is also low carbon home and is incredibly energy efficient to run.


Our final choice is a home from Santa Monica, California. Known as Wis Tavern, its roof has solar panels to collect energy, while there are plenty of energy efficient appliances, a geothermal heating/cooling system. Amazingly 92% of the waste created during the building process was recycled.

Take this blog as proof that not only can eco-friendly houses be beautiful, but that beauty can come in many different forms. From earth homes which sit underground, to modernist constructions which use angles and glass facades to fuse style and environmentally friendly technologies together.

All images courtesy of Pinterest

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