As we move into winter, the days become shorter and much colder. Although it’s a time for festivities and celebrations, it is essential to prepare your home for this season. This isn’t only for your own health, but also to prevent damage to your property.

Here are a selection of tips you can utilise to ensure you get through winter comfortably and safely.

Make sure your pipes stay warm

A common occurrence during winter is burst water pipes. This is due to the water freezing and thawing repeatedly, creating a higher potential for damage. One of the best ways to stop this from happening is to keep pipes warm through the use of foam covers. This reduces any heat loss whilst also insulating the pipes to stop them from freezing up.

Regularly bleed the radiator

Sometimes a radiator can be cold at the top as well as the bottom. This means that it has trapped air inside, stopping heat from circulating correctly. Some radiators need a specific key, although the majority of modern models only need a flathead screwdriver.

Attach the key or screwdriver with a cloth and make sure to have another cloth to catch any drips. Slowly turn anti-clockwise and you should hear gas escaping. Once the gas has ran out liquid will start leak. Quickly close the valve so you don’t lose too much.

Clear the gutters

When Autumn begins, trees and plants start to shed their leaves. More often than not, gutters and drainpipes get filled with this foliage, which can cause multiple problems. Water can back up and leak into the roof or the walls of the property. You can hire someone to clear your gutters to avoid this from happening, or you can do it yourself.

Trim nearby trees

To avoid your guttering from getting clogged up, you can take action and trim any trees that are near to your property. You’ll be amazed at the amount of foliage you’ll save from falling into the gutter. Another reason a lot of people do this is incase it snows. It stops buildup of excessive snow that can break branches and cause damage.

Stop any draughts

One of the least favourable things about Winter is the cold winds. These can slip through the smallest of gaps and into your property. Common locations where this happens is near windows or doors. You can use self adhesive draught stripes or invest in a draft excluder so your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Special tip

Stock up on warm drinks such as tea or hot chocolate. Whether it’s raining or there’s gale force winds outside your home, there are very few things better than enjoying a hot drink during winter.

Follow these tips so that you’re one step ahead of winter and the conditions it can throw at you. Do you have any other tips on how to prepare your home during winter? Let us know on Twitter @greendealshop.


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