When it comes to energy-sucking appliances in the home, we all know who the main culprits are. There are plenty of articles on the internet warning of the dangers of incandescent bulbs and fan heaters, but what are some of the energy wasters that fly under the radar and don’t take their share of the blame?

Never fear, here is a list of those appliances. Some of them may surprise you!

Mobile Phone Chargers

Surprisingly, a phone charger still uses power even when your phone isn’t plugged into it. Although not a huge amount, keep in mind that most people leave their charger plugged in 365 days of the year. Over time, this can add up to a significant amount!

DVD Players

Most people only use their DVD player occasionally, but leave it plugged in all the time. Make sure to unplug it so you are not wasting energy 24/7.

The Television

Televisions, specifically the plasma variety, are one of the biggest consumers of electricity in the home. This isn’t because the running costs are particularly high, but because, again, people tend to leave them on standby all the time. The convenience of being able to turn on the TV via remote control definitely doesn’t outweigh the potential yearly costs. Just reach behind and switch it off at the plug!

Games Consoles

When it comes to games consoles, the button on the front is usually a standby button. Being on standby means that they are using energy all the time. Look out for another button on the back which actually kills the power completely. If your console doesn’t have one of these then just unplug it.


Like with phone chargers, people tend to leave their laptop plugged in on charge whilst they are out of the house. Just unplug it and charge it up as you need it. Every time your laptop is plugged into the socket it is wasting energy.

Set Top Box

These often have to be left switched on in order to record programmes. It is best to switch them off if you do not have anything you want to record that day. They use more energy than you would think.


Kettles make the list, not because of the amount of energy they use, but because people tend to use them incorrectly. Make sure you’re only heating up the amount of water that you need. Anything more is just wasted electricity.

Changing the way you use these appliances can help to reduce your energy usage by a significant amount. This will help to reduce your carbon footprint and, more importantly, will save you money!

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