Renewable energy is the future. Although still in its early stages, renewable sources could one day provide all the energy we need at no cost to the environment.

A renewable energy source is a source of energy which will never run out, such as wind, tide or wave.

These sources have a number of advantages over current energy production methods:

Environmental impact

Renewable energy harnesses natural, pre-existing phenomena. Because of this, production methods such as solar power require nothing more than solar panels fitted to the roof of the building that needs to be powered. This is especially useful for remote areas that are not attached to the national grid. Pylon systems would not have to be built to connect them, saving vast amounts of money.

Compared to current fossil fuel energy production, which is responsible for most human generated air pollution, renewable energy has a minimal effect on the environment. This means it can help provide energy for a growing population, whilst still adhering to air pollution policies.

Energy independence

The problem with fossil fuels is that they are not available everywhere in equal measure. Much of the world’s supply of oil comes from the middle east. The costs involved with transporting it across the globe are only comparable to the cost of buying it in the first place.

Using renewable sources allows a country to take control of their own energy supplies. Not only does this remove the pollution associated with transporting conventional fuels but it removes the extra costs of market fluctuations in a volatile region.

Unlimited energy

Fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal will run out one day. Renewable energy sources will not run out, as long as the sun keeps shining and the wind keeps blowing.

Investment in these technologies are future-proof as they will keep producing energy as long as they are kept active. After the initial setup cost, the only thing that needs to be paid for is maintenance.

Renewable energy is the logical choice to take over from existing methods of energy production. It provides a stable energy supply with none of the environmental concerns.

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